oskar&ellen produce beautifully handmade toys and accessories for children’s spaces. You’ll find an innovative and fun range of soft fabric toys and dressing up gear aimed at encouraging your child’s imagination through role-play. Then there are the soft activity books, perfect for entertaining the littlest people and encouraging them to use their fine motor skills as well as their imagination. And last but by no means least, the cute range of fun décor items, such as storage baskets, height charts and bunting, all of which add playful touches to a room. A touch of whimsy runs throughout, with a sweet colour palate and an unending sense of charm.
Based in Sweden, oskar&ellen are fully committed to creating products that are a perfect aid to imaginative and educational play, to supplying the very highest quality and to ethical production. Each and every toy is created with intricate hand sewn details and is manufactured in a series of small, responsibly run studios in the Philippines.

 All oskar&ellen toys are handmade (hand sewn using sewing machines as well as stitch and needle) by manufacturers/sewing studios in Manila, Philippines. The sewing studios were chosen more than 15 years ago by the founder of oskar&ellen, Petra Jinglöv, who lived in Manila for four years. 
Each studio has approx. 30 employees and all employees are paid a fair wage imposed by Philippine Law.  The continued orders placed by oskar & ellen provides job security and income stability for the staff and their families.
All products are made from cotton, poly cotton, polyester, rayon, sometimes felt. The fabric is different for each product and is imported to the Philippines from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and USA.
We are very picky about the quality and we hope you will enjoy your product over and over again.

Check out our film from our last visit to the sewing studios in the Philippines: From Idea to Finished Product