ABC bag

ABC bag

This educational bag shows the English alphabet and an animal corresponding to each letter.
Both upper and lower case letters are embroidered. Fun and creative way to learn the alphabet.
Five animals are padded and attached with a string (elephant, parrot, turtle, whale and zebra) the rest are sewn as an appliqué. Nice handles makes it easy to bring along, just fold, zip it and go!

Ref 2172 English

Suitable from 18 months.

Designed in Sweden. Made in the Philippines

A - alligator
B- bear
C- cat
D- dinosaur
E- elephant
F- flamingo
H- horse
I - insects
J- jaguar
K- kangaroo
L- lion
M- monkey
N- nightingale
O- ostrich
P- parrot
Q- quail
R- rabbit
S- squirrel
T- turtle
U- unicorn
V- vulture
W- whale
X- xenops
Y- yak
Z- zebra
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